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Shannon is the content marketing manager for Scott's Marketplace and has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. (Or crayon.) When she's not blogging, you can find her daydreaming that she's Khaleesi from Game of Thrones.

Creating Your Own “Wasco Clown” with Guerrilla Marketing

A couple weeks ago, a clown started showing up in the small town of Wasco, California just after dark. That’s right, a clown. He doesn’t do anything but stand (or sit) there, but that’s all it took for him to capture the residents’ attention. (And elicit many, many nightmares I’m sure.) (Am I the only […]

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Turn Heads With T-Shirts: How to Get Big Attention for Your Business

Marketing campaigns don’t always have to be incredibly time-consuming and expensive for them to deliver outstanding results. In fact, you may have been overlooking a fairly simple tactic that could be very effective for your business and it involves T-shirts. Yes, T-shirts. But before you dismiss this as silly or impossible, consider what Cameron Herold, […]

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Want to Sell Your Products Online? 3 Options for Every Budget

You know what’s great about selling your products online? You don’t need your own website to do it. And even if you do have an ecommerce site, you can also sell in other places. Haven’t you ever heard the old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” When you sell your products in […]

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Learn, You Will: What Yoda Can Teach Entrepreneurs

Everybody needs a mentor. And if that mentor happens to be tiny, green, and wise as f*ck, well, even better. Yoda may be long gone, (RIP) but, thankfully, the little guy from the swamps of Dagobah left a legacy behind in the form of quotes that will inspire and motivate you to reach your full […]

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Make a Killing in October: 10 Halloween Marketing Ideas

Why should you do anything special for the month of October? Because Halloween marketing, or seasonal marketing in general, gives you the opportunity to shake up what your customers normally expect from you – and grab their attention at the start of the largest and most profitable shopping season of the year. Hannah Connor, an […]

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10 Awesome Apps You’ll Want to Download Right Now

Whether you want to be more focused, creative, organized, or even smarter, you can bet there’s an app for that. But, it can be hard to weed through the hundreds, if not thousands, of apps out there to find one that’s actually going to make a difference in your life when you’re already busy enough […]

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A Fast and Easy Way to Reward Your Regular Customers

As we all know, regular customers equal regular profit. But if you go a bit deeper than that, you also know that regulars often become brand advocates who get you the coveted word-of-mouth promotion you desire, both in-person and online. Which means they’re also the ones who can help you build a great reputation for […]

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You’re Gonna Need This: A Handy Checklist for Hiring Employees

What does it mean when you’re buried in a pile of paperwork, the phone is ringing off the hook, orders are coming in by the dozen, and you feel like you have no energy left to give? Yes, maybe that it’s time for a cocktail… but maybe it’s also time you hired your first employee. […]

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12 Reasons Your Online Shop Isn’t Making Sales

You’ve set up your online shop and now you’re just kicking back and waiting for the orders to come rolling in. But if you’re still waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Maybe it’s time you stopped hoping for customers to magically appear and did something about it. And in this case, that means taking a good, […]

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