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Scott's Marketplace is an e-commerce marketplace where local business owners can sell their products and shoppers can purchase unique items and gifts.

We created our marketplace for two important reasons -- to give local business owners an affordable way to sell their products online and to give shoppers a more convenient way to support the shop-local movement.

Changing the Mindset of
"Shop Local"

On Scott’s Marketplace, you can shop local stores anytime, anywhere. And when we say “local,” we don’t just mean in your particular hometown.

We have local store owners selling on our site from across the United States, meaning you can shop local in California, Florida, Colorado, Arizona… or any other state that strikes your fancy.

Is Scott a Real Person?

Scott Curry

Scott K. Curry


We get this question a lot, and the answer is yes! He sure is. In fact, we work with him everyday at our headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Fun facts: He is fond of red wine, Game of Thrones, and jamming out to Maroon 5 in his office. (He thinks we can’t hear him singing along, but we can.) Learn more about him here.

Shop. Sell.
Support Local.



From trendy boutique items to handmade and vintage, we’ve got it all – all sold by local business owners across the U.S.

  • Want to spruce up your living room? Home Décor has you covered.
  • Need a new dog bed for Mr. Bojangles? Our Pets section awaits.
  • Craving a sweet treat? Tempt yourself with Specialty Foods.
  • Have a hot date? Get a smokin’ new outfit in Clothes and Jewelry.



Open your store to reach shoppers across the United States who prefer supporting local businesses over chains.

  • No membership fees
  • No listing fees
  • Only pay a 4.99% transaction fee when a product sells
  • Free marketing support
  • Reach shoppers across the United States
  • Open your store now

Support Local

Shopping local makes you feel good. Why? Because you're supporting a hard-working entrepreneur, not a corporation. Plus, you get unique products you can’t find at any old chain, and that’s pretty awesome if you ask us!

Every time you purchase from a store on Scott’s Marketplace, you pay the seller directly, sending your money to the local community you want to support.

Local Vs. Non-Local

But don't take our word for it. Research done by Civic Economics shows that $73 out of every $100 spent locally stays local, vs. only $43 of each $100 spent at a non-local business.



Local Business



Non-Local Business

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