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Poppy's Naturally Clean

, a local business in Sherman Oaks, California.

Yes, you heard that right, these dog poop bags can be flushed down your toilet! 100% compostable, biodegradable, and flushable. Made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) – a water soluble, eco-friendly, “green” alternative to plastic. Unlike plastic bags or other “biodegradable” bags, these poop bags break down in water, therefore not adding to the build up of landfills and dumps.

4 rolls/40 bags per package.

* You can toss these bags in your regular trash bins (black bins) as well. (They should not be placed in the “green” trash bins, as dog poop is not allowed in those bins.)
* Do not knot the bags prior to flushing, the knot has trouble breaking down.
* Not to be used to flush cat poop! (Cat poop should never be flushed).

Shipped alone: $4.99
Shipped with others: $3.99